A coarse-grained theory of wrinkle patterns induced by geometric incompatibility

The smectic order of wrinkles
Authors: H. Aharoni, D. V. Todorova, O. Albarrán, L. Goehring, R. D. Kamien and E. Katifori
Nature Communications 8, 15809 (2017)

Recommended with a commentary by Benny Davidovitch, University of Massachusetts Amherst.
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Measurements of the thermal edge conductance in a fractional quantized Hall state, with very surprising results at ν= 5/2

1. Observed quantization of anyonic heat flow
Authors: M. Banerjee, M. Heiblum, A. Rosenblatt, Y. Oreg, D. E. Feldman, A. Stern, and V. Umansky
Nature 545, 77 (2017)

2. Observation of half-integer thermal Hall conductance
Authors: M. Banerjee, M. Heiblum, V. Umansky, D. E. Feldman, Y. Oreg, and A. Stern

Recommended with a commentary by Bertrand I. Halperin, Harvard University.
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“Neutral” Metals

1. Particle-hole symmetry reveals failed superconductivity in the metallic phase of two-dimensional superconducting films
Authors: N. P. Breznay and A. Kapitulnik
Science Advances 3 no.9, (2017)

2. A Bose metal has no cyclotron resonance
Authors: Y. Wang, I. Tamir, D. Shahar, and N. P. Armitage

Recommended with a commentary by Michael Mulligan, University of California, Riverside.
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