The Second Law of Thermodynamics and the Big Bang

CPT-Symmetric Universe
Authors: Latham Boyle, Kieran Finn, and Neil Turok
Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 251301 (2018)

Recommended with a commentary by Robijn Bruinsma, University of California, Los Angeles.
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The Variational Playground for Machine Learning in Statistical Physics

Solving Statistical Mechanics using Variational Autoregressive Networks
Authors: Dian Wu, Lei Wang, and Pan Zhang

Recommended with a commentary by Giuseppe Carleo, Flatiron Institute.
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Spontaneous vortex formation and Majorana zero mode in iron based superconductor

1. Observation of a robust zero-energy bound state in iron-based superconductor Fe(Te,Se)
Authors: J. X. Yin, Zheng Wu, J. H. Wang, Z. Y. Ye, Jing Gong, X. Y. Hou, Lei Shan, Ang Li, X. J. Liang, X. X. Wu, Li Jian, C.S. Ting, Z. Q. Wang, J. P. Hu, P. H. Hor, H. Ding and S. H. Pan
Nature Physics 11, 543 (2015)

2. Quantum anomalous vortex and Majorana zero mode without external magnetic field
Authors: Kun Jiang, Xi Dai and Ziqiang Wang

3. Nature of the zero energy bound state at the surface of the topological superconductor Fe(Se,Te)
Authors: T. Machida, Y. Sun, S. Pyon, S. Takeda, Y. Kohsaka, T. Hanaguri, T. Sasagawa and T. Tamegai

Recommended with a commentary by Patrick A. Lee, MIT.
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