Time to Respond

1. Artifact Free Transient Near-Field Nanoscopy
Authors: A. J. Sternbach, J. Hinton, T. Slusar, A. S. McLeod, M. K. Liu, A. Frenzel, M. Wagner, R. Iraheta, F. Keilmann, A. Leitenstorfer, M. Fogler, H.-T. Kim, R. D. Averitt, and D. N. Basov
Optics Express 25, 28589 (2017), arXiv:1706.08478

2. Photonic crystals for nano-light in moir graphene superlattices
Authors: S. S. Sunku, G. X. Ni, B. Y. Jiang, H. Yoo, A. Sternbach, A. S. McLeod, T. Stauber, L. Xiong, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, P. Kim, M. M. Fogler, and D. N. Basov
Science 362, 1153 (2018), arXiv:1901.08378

Recommended with a commentary by Dirk van der Marel, University of Geneva
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Geometric frustrated assemblies

How geometric frustration shapes twisted fibres, inside and out: competing morphologies of chiral filament assembly
Authors: Douglas M. Hall and Gregory M. Grason
Interface Focus 7: 20160140 (2017)

Recommended with a commentary by Roya Zandi, University of California, Riverside
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