Anomalous Excitation Spectra of Frustrated Quantum Antiferromagnets

Authors: Weihong Zheng, John O. Fjaerestad, Rajiv R. P. Singh, Ross H. McKenzie, Radu Coldea http://arXiv.org/cond-mat/0506400 Recommended and a Commentary by Matthew Fisher, UCSB.  | View Commentary (pdf) | (JCCM_Mar06_01)

How soft solids respond to overcrowding

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Measurement of the Electronic Gruneisen Constant by Femtosecond Electron Diffraction

Authors: Shouhua Nie, Xuan Wang, Hyuk Park, Richard Clinite, Jianming Cao Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 025901 (2006) Recommended and Commentary by Albert Migliori, LANL, Los Alamos. | View Commentary (pdf) | (JCCM_Mar06_03)