From a Model for Spin Glasses to the Phenomenology of Glasses

Authors: M. Tarzia and M.A. Moore http://arXiv.org/cond-mat/0609113 Recommended and Commentary by P.W. Anderson, Princeton University | View PDF | JCCM_October06_01

Cooling a nanomechanical resonator with quantum back-action

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Possible Quantum-liquid Metallic Phase of Hydrogen at high Pressures and its Properties

Authors: P. Loubeyre, F. Occelli and R. LeToullec http://arXiv.org/cond-mat/0410425 Nature 416, 613 (2002) Authors: S. Bonev, E. Schwegler, T. Ogitsu and G. Galli Nature 431, 669 (2004) Authors: E.Babaev, A. Sudbo and N.W. Ashcroft; E.Smorgrav, E. Babaev, J. Smiseth and A. Sudbo http://arXiv.org/cond-mat/0410408; http://arXiv.org/cond-mat/0508286 Nature 431, 665 (2004) Recommended and Commentary by Chandra Varma, UC […]