Evidence for Critical Fluctuations in the Establishment of the Body Plan of a Simple Animal. Hydro Molecular Network Reaches Criticality at the Symmetry-Breaking Axis-Defining Moment

Authors: Jordi Soriano, Cyril Colombo, and Albrecht Ott Physical Review Letters 97, 258102 (2006) Recommended with a commentary by Raymond E. Goldstein, University of Cambridge | View PDF | JCCM_January07_01

Formation of a Nematic Fluid at High Fields in Sr3Ru3O7

Authors:. R.A. Borzi, S.A. Grigera, J. Farrell, R.S. Perry, S.J.S. Lister, S.L. Lee, D.A. Tennant, Y. Maeno, and A.P. Mackenzie http://arXiv.org/cond-mat/0612599 Science 315, 158 (2007) Recommended and a commentary by Catherine Kallin, McMaster University | View PDF | JCCM_January07_02

Mössbauer spectroscopy sees atoms tunneling in a crystal. Direct experimental evidence for atomic tunneling of Europium in crystalline Eu8Ga16Ge30

Authors: Raphaël P. Hermann, Veerle Keppens, Pierre Bonville, George S. Nolas, Fernande Grandjean, Gary J. Long, Hans M. Christen, Bryan C. Chakoumakos, Brian C. Sales, and David Mandrus Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 017401 (2006) Recommended and a commentary by S. Paschen, Institute of Solid State Physics, TU Vienna, Austria | View Commentary PDF | JCCM_January07_03