Generation of Fock states in a superconducting quantum circuit

Authors: Max Hofheinz, E.M. Weig, M. Ansmann, Radoslaw C. Bialczak, Erik Lucero, M. Neeley, A.D. O’Connell, H. Wang, John M. Martinis, and A.N. Cleland Nature 454, 310 (2008) Recommended and Commentary by Steven M. Girvin, Yale University | View Commentary (pdf) | JCCM_Oct08_01

Self-Assembled Chiral Superstructures Composed of Rigid Achiral Molecules and Molecular Scale Chiral Induction by Dopants

Authors: Fangyong Yan, Christopher Adam Hixson, and David J. Earl Phys. Rev. Lett. 101 (2008) 157801 Recommended and a commentary by Randall D. Kamien, University of Pennsylvania | View Commentary (pdf) | JCCM_Oct08_02

Iron Pnictides research coming of age

1. Specific heat Measurements: “Fully gapped superconducting state based on a high normal state quasiparticle density of states in Ba0.6 K0.4 Fe2 As2 single crystals,” G. Mu, H. Luo, Z. Wang, L. Shan, C. Ren and H.H. Wen. arXiv:0808.2941. 2. ARPES Measurements:“Observation of Fermi surface-dependent nodeless superconduct- ing gaps in Ba0.6 K0.4 Fe2 As2 ,” […]