X-ray Specs: 3D nano-scale resolution imaging with x-rays

Three-dimensional visualization of a human chromosome using coherent x-ray diffraction Authors: Yoshinori Nishino, Yukio Takahashi, Naoko Imamoto, Tetsuya Ishikawa and Kazuhiro Maeshima Phys. Rev. Lett. 102 018101 (2009) Recommended with a commentary by Simon J. L. Billinge, Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics, Columbia University, and Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science Department, Brookhaven […]

Using Topological Defects as Glue: Hierarchical self-assembly of nematic colloidal superstructures

Authors: M. Skarabot, M. Ravnik, S. Zumer, U. Tkalec, I. Poberaj, D. Babic, and I. Musevic Phys. Rev. E 77 (2008) 061706. Recommended and a commentary by Randall D. Kamien, University of Pennsylvania | View Commentary | JCCM_April09_03

A “Superglass” State in Solid 4-He?

Authors: B. Hunt, E. Pratt, V. Gadagkar, M. Yamashita, A. V. Balatsky, and J.C. Davis arXiv:0904.4914v1 | Science 324, 632 (1 May 2009) Recommended with a commentary by Tony Leggett, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign |View Commentary | JCCM_April09_03