Suspension rheology at zero temperature

1. Shear flow of non-Brownian suspensions close to jamming. Authors: B. Andreotti, J.-L. Barrat, C. Heussinger arXiv:1112.1194 2. A unified framework for non-Brownian suspension flows and soft amorphous solids Authors: E. Lerner, G. Düring, M. Wyart. arXiv:1112.0558, PNAS (at press) Recommended with a commentary by L. Berthier, CNRS/Université Montpellier 2 |View Commentary (PDF)| DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_March_2012_01 […]

Giant improvements in coherence time for superconducting qubits

1. Superconducting qubit in waveguide cavity with coherence time approaching 0.1ms Authors: Chad Rigetti, Stefano Poletto, Jay M. Gambetta, B.L.T. Plourde, Jerry M. Chow, A.D. Corcoles, John A. Smolin, Seth T. Merkel, J.R. Rozen, George A. Keefe, Mary B. Rothwell, Mark B. Ketchen, M. Steffen arXiv:1202.5533 Recommended with a commentary by Steven M. Girvin, Yale […]

Pump-probe experiments at X-ray free electron laser sources

1. Femtosecond dynamics of the collinear-to-spiral antiferromagnetic phase transition in CuO Authors: S. L. Johnson, R. A. de Souza, U. Staub, P. Beaud, E. Mohr-Vorobeva, G. Ingold, A. Caviezel, V. Scagnoli, W. F. Schlotter, J. J. Turner, O. Krupin, W.-S. Lee,Y.-D. Chuang, L. Patthey, R. G. Moore, D. Lu, M. Yi, P. S. Kirchmann, M. […]