Reconfigurable self-assembly through chiral control of interfacial tension

1. Reconfigurable self-assembly through chiral control of interfacial tension. Authors: Thomas Gibaud, Edward Barry, Mark J. Zakhary, Mir Henglin, Andrew Ward, Yasheng Yang, Cristina Berciu, Rudolf Oldenbourg, Michael F. Hagan, Daniela Nicastro, Robert B. Meyer & Zvonimir Dogic. Nature 481, 348–351 (2012) Recommended with a Commentary by Efi Efrati, James Franck Institute, University of Chicago […]

Construction of a non-Fermi liquid ground state

1. Non-Fermi d-wave phases of strongly interacting electrons. Authors: Hong-Chen Jiang, Matthew Block, Ryan Mishmash, James Garrison, D.N. Sheng, Olexei Motrunich and Matthew P.A. Fisher. arXiv:1207.6608 . Recommended and a Commentary by Patrick Lee, MIT | View Commentary (pdf) | DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_September_2012_02 https://doi.org/10.36471/JCCM_September_2012_02

The Higgs mode in condensed matter

1. The Higgs amplitude mode at the two-dimensional superfluid/Mott insulator transition. Authors:Manuel Endres, Takeshi Fukuhara, David Pekker, Marc Cheneau, Peter Schau?, Christian Gross, Eugene Demler, Stefan Kuhr and Immanuel Bloch. Nature 487, 454 (2012). 2. Higgs Mode in a Two-Dimensional Superfluid. Authors: L. Pollet and N. Prokof’ev. Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 010401 (2012). Recommended and […]