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Extending superconducting qubit lifetimes: What’s Next?

1. Millisecond coherence in a superconducting qubit Authors: Aaron Somoroff, Quentin Ficheux, Raymond A. Mencia, Haonan Xiong, Roman V. Kuzmin, and Vladimir E. Manucharyan arXiv:2103.08578 2. New material platform for superconducting transmon qubits with coherence times exceeding 0.3 milliseconds Authors: Alexander P. M. Place, Lila V. H. Rodgers, Pranav Mundada, Basil M. Smitham, Mattias Fitzpatrick, […]

Some bacteria more than sum of parts

Gut bacterial aggregates as living gels Authors: Brandon H. Schlomann, and Raghuveer Parthasarathy eLife 2021;10:e71105; DOI: 10.7554/eLife.71105 Recommended with a commentary by Srividya Iyer-Biswas, Purdue University and Santa Fe Institute |View Commentary (pdf)| This commentary may be cited as: DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_September_2021_02 https://doi.org/10.36471/JCCM_September_2021_02

Moiré bands in transitional metal dichalcogenides: continuous Mott transition, quantum anomalous Hall and more

1. Quantum criticality in twisted transition metal dichalcogenides Authors: Augusto Ghiotto, En-Min Shih, Giancarlo S. S. G. Pereira, Daniel A. Rhodes, Bumho Kim, Jiawei Zang, Andrew J. Millis, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, James C. Hone, Lei Wang, Cory R. Dean, and Abhay N. Pasupathy Nature 597, 345–349 (2021); DOI: 10.1038/s41586-021-03815-6 arXiv:2103.09796 2. Continuous Mott transition […]

Jordan-Wigner Transformation in Higher Dimensions

1. Exact bosonization in two spatial dimensions and a new class of lattice gauge theories Authors: Yu-An Chen, Anton Kapustin, and Djordje Radicevic Annals of Physics 393, 234 (2018); DOI: 10.1016/j.aop.2018.03.024 arXiv:1711.00515 2. Constraints of kinematic bosonization in two and higher dimensions Authors: Arkadiusz Bochniak, Blazej Ruba, Jacek Wosiek, and Adam Wyrzykowski Phys. Rev. D […]

Hofstadter superconductors

Theory of Hofstadter Superconductors Authors: Daniel Shaffer, Jian Wang, Luiz H. Santos arXiv:2108.04831 Recommended with a commentary by Jörg Schmalian, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology |View Commentary (pdf)| This commentary may be cited as: DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_August_2021_02 https://doi.org/10.36471/JCCM_August_2021_02

Generalized Hydrodynamics for integrable systems

1. Generalized hydrodynamics in strongly interacting 1D Bose gases Authors: Neel Malvania, Yicheng Zhang, Yuan Le, Jerome Dubail, Marcos Rigol, and David S. Weiss arXiv:2009.06651 2. Generalized HydroDynamics on an Atom Chip Authors: Max Schemmer, Isabelle Bouchoule, Benjamin Doyon, and Jerome Dubail Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 090601 (2019); DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.122.090601 arXiv:1810.07170 Recommended with a commentary […]

Towards a global view of phenotype space

Global constraints within the developmental program of the Drosophila wing Authors: Vasyl Alba, James E. Carthew, Richard W. Carthew, and Madhav Mani eLife 10, e66750 (2021); DOI: 10.7554/eLife.66750 Recommended with a commentary by David K. Lubensky, University of Michigan |View Commentary (pdf)| This commentary may be cited as: DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_July_2021_02 https://doi.org/10.36471/JCCM_July_2021_02

Deja Vu, on a different stage

A strange metal in a bosonic system Authors: Chao Yang, Haiwen Liu, Yi Liu, Jiandong Wang, Sishuang Wang, Yang Wang, Qianmei He, Yue Tang, Jian Wang, X.C. Xie, James M. Valles Jr., Jie Xiong, and Yanrong Li arXiv:2105.02654 Recommended with a commentary by Chandra Varma, University of California, Berkeley and University of California, Riverside |View […]

Majorana modes in artificial atomic chains: a new hope

1. Topological Shiba bands in artificial spin chains on superconductors Authors: L. Schneider, P. Beck, T. Posske, D. Crawford, E. Mascot, S. Rachel, R. Wiesendanger, and J. Wiebe Nat. Phys. (2021); DOI:10.1038/s41567-021-01234-y arXiv:2104.11497 2. Controlled length-dependent interaction of Majorana modes in Yu-Shiba-Rusinov chains Authors: L. Schneider, P. Beck, J. Neuhaus-Steinmetz, T. Posske, J. Wiebe, and […]

Correlated phases for fermions on a Kagome lattice

Discovery of unconventional chiral charge order in kagome superconductor KV3Sb5 Authors: Yu-Xiao Jiang, Jia-Xin Yin, M. Michael Denner, Nana Shumiya, Brenden R. Ortiz, Gang Xu, Zurab Guguchia, Junyi He, Md Shafayat Hossain, Xiaoxiong Liu, Jacob Ruff, Linus Kautzsch, Songtian S. Zhang, Guoqing Chang, Ilya Belopolski, Qi Zhang, Tyler A. Cochran, Daniel Multer, Maksim Litskevich, Zi-Jia […]

Rigidity Percolation in Embryo Morphogenesis: Physics meets Biology (Again)

Rigidity percolation uncovers a structural basis for embryonic tissue phase transitions Authors: Nicoletta I. Petridou, Bernat Corominas-Murtra, Carl-Philipp Heisenberg, and Edouard Hannezo Cell, 184(7):1914–1928 (2021); DOI: 10.1016/j.cell.2021.02.017 Recommended with a commentary by Sumit Sinha and D. Thirumalai, University of Texas at Austin |View Commentary (pdf)| This commentary may be cited as: DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_June_2021_03 https://doi.org/10.36471/JCCM_June_2021_03

Tantalates Transcend Titanates

1. Two-dimensional superconductivity and anisotropic transport at KTaO3 (111) interfaces Authors: Changjiang Liu, Xi Yan, Dafei Jin, Yang Ma, Haw-Wen Hsiao, Yulin Lin, Terence M. Bretz-Sullivan, Xianjing Zhou, John Pearson, Brandon Fisher, J. Samuel Jiang, Wei Han, Jian-Min Zuo, Jianguo Wen, Dillon D. Fong, Jirong Sun, Hua Zhou, and Anand Bhattacharya Science 371, 716 (2021); […]

All the questions about biophysics

Harness the hubris: useful things physicists could do in biology Authors: V. Adrian Parsegian and Commentary by Robert H. Austin Physics Today 50, 7, 23 (1997); DOI: 10.1063/1.881805 Full-text is also available at ResearchGate Recommended with a commentary by Ramin Golestanian, Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization (Göttingen) and University of Oxford |View Commentary […]

Proposals to Realize Topological Superconductivity in Cuprates by Twisting and Stacking

1. High-temperature topological superconductivity in twisted double layer copper oxides Authors: Oguzhan Can, Tarun Tummuru, Ryan P. Day, Ilya Elfimov, Andrea Damascelli, and Marcel Franz Nature Physics 17, 519-524 (2021); DOI: 10.1038/s41567-020-01142-7 arXiv:2012.01412 2. Magic angles and current-induced topology in twisted nodal superconductors Authors: Pavel A. Volkov, Justin H. Wilson, and J. H. Pixley arXiv:2012.07860 […]

A pathway to parafermions

Induced superconductivity in the fractional quantum Hall edge Authors: Önder Gül, Yuval Ronen, Si Young Lee, Hassan Shapourian, Jonathan Zauberman, Young Hee Lee, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Ashvin Vishwanath, Amir Yacoby, and Philip Kim arXiv:2009.07836 Recommended with a commentary by Jason Alicea, California Institute of Technology |View Commentary (pdf)| This commentary may be cited as: […]

One-way supercurrent controlled by magnetic field

Observation of superconducting diode effect Authors: Fuyuki Ando, Yuta Miyasaka, Tian Li, Jun Ishizuka, Tomonori Arakawa, Yoichi Shiota, Takahiro Moriyama, Youichi Yanase, and Teruo Ono Nature, 584, 373 (2020); DOI: 10.1038/s41586-020-2590-4 Recommended with a commentary by Liang Fu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology |View Commentary (pdf)| This commentary may be cited as: DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_April_2021_02 https://doi.org/10.36471/JCCM_April_2021_02

What happens if a drunkard is asked to walk a full circle around a lake in a short time?

Brownian flights over a circle Authors: Alexander Vladimirov, Senya Shlosman, and Sergei Nechaev Phys. Rev. E 102, 012124 (2020); DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.102.012124 Recommended with a commentary by Alexander Y. Grosberg, New York University |View Commentary (pdf)| This commentary may be cited as: DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_April_2021_03 https://doi.org/10.36471/JCCM_April_2021_03

Determining dynamics from statics in living tissue

Anisotropy links cell shapes to tissue flow during convergent extension Authors: X. Wang, M. Merkel, L. B. Sutter, G. Erdemci-Tandogan, M. L. Manning, and K. E. Kasza Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 117, 13541-13551 (2020); DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1916418117 Recommended with a commentary by John D. Treado (Yale University), Dong Wang (Yale University), Yuxuan Cheng (Yale University), Mark […]

Taking the measure of quantum dynamics

1. Quantum Zeno effect and the many-body entanglement transition Authors: Y. Li, X. Chen, and M.P. A. Fisher Phys. Rev. B 98, 205136 (2018); DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.98.205136 2. Measurement-Induced Phase Transitions in the Dynamics of Entanglement Authors: B. Skinner, J. Ruhman, and A. Nahum Phys. Rev. X 9, 031009 (2019); DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevX.9.031009 3. Unitary-projective entanglement dynamics […]

Plasticity is a topological business

The Topological Origin of the Peierls-Nabarro Barrier Authors: Brook J. Hocking, Helen S. Ansell, Randall D. Kamien, and Thomas Machon arXiv:2103.0205 (2021) Recommended with a commentary by Brian Skinner, Ohio State University |View Commentary (pdf)| This commentary may be cited as: DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_March_2021_03 https://doi.org/10.36471/JCCM_March_2021_03