Guidelines for citing commentaries of the Journal Club

To cite commentaries of the Journal Club, you may follow general guidelines on citing a website, such as APA style and MLA style.

For example, to cite the recent commentary by Atsushi Fujimori,, you may use

A. Fujimori, “Optically driven superconductivity”, Journal Club for Condensed Matter Physics, March, 2017. Available at

For the URL link, you may also use the direct link to the commentary PDF file. In this example, the link is (you may find the link by moving the cursor over |View Commentary|).

In BibTeX, you may use a @misc entry:

author = {Fujimori, Atsushi},
title = {Optically driven superconductivity},
editor = {Journal Club for Condensed Matter Physics},
month = {March},
year = {2017},
howpublished = {\url{}},

Of course, different journals may have different requirements and styles for references. We strongly recommend that at least these three items, AUTHOR, YEAR, and URL, are included.