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Extending superconducting qubit lifetimes: What’s Next?

1. Millisecond coherence in a superconducting qubit Authors: Aaron Somoroff, Quentin Ficheux, Raymond A. Mencia, Haonan Xiong, Roman V. Kuzmin, and Vladimir E. Manucharyan arXiv:2103.08578 2. New material platform for superconducting transmon qubits with coherence times exceeding 0.3 milliseconds Authors: Alexander P. M. Place, Lila V. H. Rodgers, Pranav Mundada, Basil M. Smitham, Mattias Fitzpatrick, […]

A collider for anyons

Fractional statistics in anyon collisions Authors: H. Bartolomei, M. Kumar, R. Bisognin, A. Marguerite, J.-M. Berroir, E. Bocquillon, B. Plaçais, A. Cavanna, Q. Dong, U. Gennser, Y. Jin, and G. Fève Science 368, 173–177 (2020); DOI: 10.1126/science.aaz5601 Recommended with a commentary by Steven M. Girvin, Yale University |View Commentary (pdf)| This commentary may be cited […]

Quantum Simulation of Gauge Theories and Inflation

1. Self-Verifying Variational Quantum Simulation of the Lattice Schwinger Model Authors: Christian Kokail, Christine Maier, Rick van Bijnen, Tiff Brydges, Manoj K. Joshi, Petar Jurcevic, Christine A. Muschik, Pietro Silvi, Rainer Blatt, Christian F. Roos, and Peter Zoller arXiv:1810.03421 2. Probing quantum critical dynamics on a programmable Rydberg simulator Authors: Alexander Keesling, Ahmed Omran, Harry […]

Probing Composite Fermions with a Wigner Crystal and Vice-Versa

Cyclotron Orbits of Composite Fermions in the Fractional Quantum Hall Regime Authors: Insun Jo, Hao Deng, Yang Liu, L. N. Pfeiffer, K.W. West, K.W. Baldwin, and M. Shayegan Phys. Rev. Lett. 20, 016802 (2018) Recommended with a commentary by S. M. Girvin, Yale University. |View Commentary| DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_February_2018_01

Spinning Spins

1. Barnett effect in paramagnetic states Authors: Masao Ono, Hiroyuki Chudo, Kazuya Harii, Satoru Okayasu, Mamoru Matsuo, Jun’ichi Ieda, Ryo Takahashi, Sadamichi Maekawa, and Eiji Saitoh Phys. Rev. B 92, 174424 (2015) 2. Observation of Barnett fields in solids by nuclear magnetic resonance Authors: Hiroyuki Chudo, Masao Ono, Kazuya Harii, Mamoru Matsuo, Jun’ichi Ieda, Rie […]

Cavity Quantum Spin Resonance

Controlling spin relaxation with a cavity. Authors: A. Bienfait, J.J. Pla, Y. Kubo, X. Zhou, M. Stern, C.C. Lo, C.D. Weis, T. Schenkel, D. Vion, D. Esteve, J.J.L. Morton and P. Bertet. Nature 531,74(2016) Recommended with a commentary by Steven M. Girvin, Yale University. |View Commentary| DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_April_2016_02

Wiring Up Topological Insulators

1.Time Reversal Invariant Topologically Insulating Circuits. Authors: Jia Ningyuan, Ariel Sommer, David Schuster, Jonathan Simon. arXiv:1309.0878 2.Topological properties of linear circuit lattices. Authors: Victor V. Albert, Leonid I. Glazman, Liang Jiang. arXiv:1410.1243 3.Spin-orbit-free Topological Insulators without Time-Reversal Symmetry Authors: A. Alexandradinata, Chen Fang, Matthew J. Gilbert, B. Andrei Bernevig. Phys.Rev.Lett. 113,116403(2014) Recommended with a commentary […]

Cavity Opto-mechanics

1. Observation of Radiation Pressure Shot Noise on a Macroscopic Object Authors: T. P. Purdy, R. W. Peterson and C. A. Regal Science 339, 801 (2013) 2. Reversible and efficient conversion between microwave and optical light Authors: R. W. Andrews, R. W. Peterson, T. P. Purdy, K. Cicak, R. W.Simmonds, C. A. Regal and K. […]

Giant improvements in coherence time for superconducting qubits

1. Superconducting qubit in waveguide cavity with coherence time approaching 0.1ms Authors: Chad Rigetti, Stefano Poletto, Jay M. Gambetta, B.L.T. Plourde, Jerry M. Chow, A.D. Corcoles, John A. Smolin, Seth T. Merkel, J.R. Rozen, George A. Keefe, Mary B. Rothwell, Mark B. Ketchen, M. Steffen arXiv:1202.5533 Recommended with a commentary by Steven M. Girvin, Yale […]

Advances in Quantum-Opto-Mechanics

1. Circuit cavity electromechanics in the strong coupling regime Authors: J.D. Teufel, D. Li, M.S. Allman, K. Cicak, A.J. Sirois, J.D. Whittaker, and R.W. Simmonds arXiv:1011.3067 2. Optomechanically Induced Transparency Authors: Stefan Weis, Remi Riviere, Samuel Deleglise, Emanuel Gavartin, Olivier Arcizet, Albert Schliesser, and Tobias J. Kippenberg Science 330, 1520 (2010) Recommended and Commentary by […]

Single-qubit lasing in the strong-coupling regime

1. Single-qubit lasing in the strong-coupling regime Authors: Stephan André, Pei-Qing Jin, Valentina Brosco, Jared H. Cole, Alsessandro Romito, Alexander Shnirman, and Gerd Schön arXiv:1008.2611 Recommended with a commentary by Steven M. Girvin, Yale University |View Commentary (pdf)| DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_September_2010_02


1. Preparation and Measurement of Three-Qubit Entanglement in a Superconducting Circuit. Authors: L. DiCarlo, M. D. Reed, L. Sun, B. R. Johnson, J. M. Chow, J. M. Gambetta, L. Frunzio, S. M. Girvin, M. H. Devoret, R. J. Schoelkopf arXiv:1004.4324 2. Generation of Three-Qubit Entangled States using Superconducting Phase Qubits. Authors:  M. Neeley, R. C. Bialczak, M. Lenander, […]

Quantum ground state and single-phonon control of a mechanical resonator

Authors: A. D. OConnell, M. Hofheinz, M. Ansmann, Radoslaw C. Bialczak, M. Lenander, Erik Lucero, M. Neeley, D. Sank, H. Wang, M. Weides, J. Wenner, John M. Martinis, and A. N. Cleland Nature 464, 697-703 (2010) Recommended and Commentary by Steven M. Girvin, Yale University | View Commentary (pdf)| DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_April_2010_01

Generation of Fock states in a superconducting quantum circuit

Authors: Max Hofheinz, E.M. Weig, M. Ansmann, Radoslaw C. Bialczak, Erik Lucero, M. Neeley, A.D. O’Connell, H. Wang, John M. Martinis, and A.N. Cleland Nature 454, 310 (2008) Recommended and Commentary by Steven M. Girvin, Yale University | View Commentary (pdf) | JCCM_Oct08_01

Fractalisation drives crystalline states in a frustrated spin system

Authors: Suchitra E. Sebastian, N. Harrison, P. Sengupta, C. D. Batista, S. Francoual, E. Palm, T. Murphy, N. Marcano, H. A. Dabkowska, and B. D. Gaulin ArXiv.0707.2075 Recommended and Commentary by Steven M. Girvin, Yale University | View Commentary (pdf) | JCCM_July08_01

Single artificial-atom lasing

Authors: O. Astafiev, K. Inomata, A.O. Niskanen, T. Yamamoto, Yu. A. Pashkin, Y. Nakamura, and J.S. Tsai Nature 449, 588 (2007) http://arXiv:0710.0936 Recommended and Commentary by Steven M. Girvin, Yale University | View Commentary (pdf) | JCCM_Nov07_01

Intrinsic Noise Properties of Atomic Point Contact Displacement Detectors

Authors: N. E. Flowers-Jacobs, D. R. Schmidt, and K. W. Lehnert Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 096804 (2007) Recommended and Commentary by Steven M. Girvin, Yale University | View PDF | JCCM_March07_02

Cooling a nanomechanical resonator with quantum back-action

Authors: A. Naik, O. Buu, M. D. LaHaye, A. D. Armour, A. A. Clerk, M. P. Blencowe and K. C. Schwab Nature 443, 193 (2006) Recommended and Commentary by Steven M. Girvin, Yale University | View PDF | JCCM_October06_02

Organizers, Advisory Committee, and Correspondents in the last two years

Organizers: Alexander GrosbergNew York University Chandra M. Varma, Chief organizerEmeritus, University of California, Riverside Advisory Committee: Paul Chaikin, NYU Steven Girvin, Yale University Andrew Millis, Columbia University Correspondents in the last two years: Anton Akhmerov, Delft University of Technology | View Contributions | Jason Alicea, California Institute of Technology | View Contributions | Ehud Altman, […]

Quantum Interference of Matter Waves with topological Defect

(Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless Crossover in a Trapped Atomic Gas) Authors: Zoran Hadzibabic, Peter Krüger, Marc Cheneau, Baptiste Battelier, Jean B. Dalibard (Nature, in press) Recommended and a Commentary by Steven M. Girvin, Yale University.  | View Commentary (pdf) | (JCCM_May06_02)