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Non-universal edge state physics in the quantum Hall effect

1. Direct visualization of electronic transport in a quantum anomalous Hall insulator Authors: G. M. Ferguson, Run Xiao, Anthony R. Richardella, David Low, Nitin Samarth, and Katja C. Nowack Nat. Mat. 22 1100-1105 (2023) DOI: 2. Signature of anyonic statistics in the integer quantum Hall regime Authors: P. Glidic, I. Petkovic, C. Piquard, A. […]

A step towards emergent QED in d = 3 + 1 with high-resolution neutron scattering

Fractional matter coupled to the emergent gauge field in a quantum spin ice Authors: Victor Porée, Han Yan, Félix Desrochers, Sylvain Petit, Elsa Lhotel, Markus Appel, Jacques Ollivier, Yong Baek Kim, Andriy H. Nevidomskyy, and Romain Sibille arXiv:2304.05452; DOI: 10.48550/arXiv.2304.05452 Recommended with a commentary by Roderich Moessner, MPI-PKS Dresden |View Commentary (pdf)| This commentary may […]

Time Crystals at Last?

1. Observation of Time-Crystalline Eigenstate Order on a Quantum Processor Authors: Google Quantum AI and collaborators arXiv:2107.13571 2. Observation of a many-body-localized discrete time crystal with a programmable spin-based quantum simulator Authors: J. Randall, C. E. Bradley, F. V. van der Gronden, A. Galicia, M. H. Abobeih, M. Markham, D. J. Twitchen, F. Machado, N. […]

Magnetic monopoles in spin ice

1) Magnetic monopoles in spin ice Authors: C. Castelnovo, R. Moessner, and SL Sondhi ArXiv:0710.5515, Nature, 451 (7174):42-45, 2008. 2) Signature of magnetic monopole and Dirac string dynamics in spin ice Authors: LDC Jaubert and PCW Holdsworth ArXiv:0903.1074, Nature Physics, 5(4):258-261, 2009. 3) Measurement of the charge and current of magnetic monopoles in spin ice […]

Organizers, Advisory Committee, and Correspondents in the last two years

Organizers: Alexander GrosbergNew York University Chandra M. Varma, Chief organizerEmeritus, University of California, Riverside Advisory Committee: Paul Chaikin, NYU Steven Girvin, Yale University Andrew Millis, Columbia University Correspondents in the last two years: Daniel F. Agterberg , University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee | View Contributions | Anton Akhmerov, Delft University of Technology | View Contributions […]

1. Dipolar spin correlations in classical pyrochlore magnets / 2. Power-law spin correlations in pyrochlore antiferromagnets

1. Dipolar spin correlations in classical pyrochlore magnets Authors: S. V. Isakov, K. Gregor, R. Moessner, S. L. Sondhi 2. Power-law spin correlations in pyrochlore antiferromagnets Author: C. L.Henley Recommended and a Commentary by Subir Sachdev, Yale University | View Commentary (pdf) | (JCCM_Aug04_03)