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First passage times in complex scale-invariant media

Authors: S. Condamin, O. B ́enichou, V. Tejedor, R. Voituriez, J. Klafter. http://arXiv:0711.0682 Nature 450, 77-80 (2007) Recommended with a Commentary by Bernard Nienhuis, University of Amsterdam | View Commentary (pdf) | JCCM_Jan08_02

Correspondents prior to last two years

Elihu Abrahams, Rutgers University | View Contributions | Vivek Aji, University of California, Riverside |  View Contributions | Jason Alicea, California Institute of Technology | View Contributions | David Andelman, Tel Aviv University | View Contributions | Philip Anderson, Princeton University, Princeton | View Contributions | Arezoo M. Ardekani, University of Notre Dame | View Contributions | […]

Scale invariance and universality of force networks in static granular matter

Authors: Srdjan Ostojic, Ellak Somfai and Bernard Nienhuis (Nature,  439, 828 (2006)) Recommended and a Commentary by R.P. Behringer, Duke University.  | View Commentary (pdf) | (JCCM_Sep06_01)