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Rational Design of Magnetic Topological Insulators

1. Magnetic-field-induced quantized anomalous Hall effect in intrinsic magnetic topological insulator MnBi2Te4 Authors: Yujun Deng, Yijun Yu, Meng Zhu Shi, Jing Wang, Xian Hui Chen and Yuanbo Zhang arXiv:1904.11468 2. Quantum phase transition from axion insulator to Chern insulator in MnBi2Te4 Authors: Chang Liu, Yongchao Wang, Hao Li, Yang Wu, Yaoxin Li, Jiaheng Li, Ke […]

Iron-based superconductors went topological ?

1. Observation of topological superconductivity on the surface of iron-based superconductor Authors: Peng Zhang, Koichiro Yaji, Takahiro Hashimoto, Yuichi Ota, Takeshi Kondo, Kozo Okazaki, Zhijun Wang, Jinsheng Wen, G. D. Gu, Hong Ding, and Shik Shin arXiv:1706.05163 2. Observation of pristine Majorana bound state in iron-based superconductor Authors: Dongfei Wang, Lingyuan Kong, Peng Fan, Hui […]

Measuring Entanglement by Swapping Quantum Twins

Measuring entanglement entropy through the interference of quantum many-body twins. Authors: Rajibul Islam, Ruichao Ma, Philipp M. Preiss, M. Eric Tai, Alexander Lukin, Matthew Rispoli, Markus Greiner. arXiv:1509.01160 Recommended with a commentary by Ashvin Vishwanath, UC Berkeley. |View Commentary| DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_January_2016_03

And now, Weyl fermions

Topological semimetal and Fermi-arc surface states in the electronic structure of pyrochlore iridates. Authors: X. Wan, A.M. Turner, A. Vishwanath and S.Y. Savrasov. Phys. Rev. B 83, 205101 (2011) Recommended with a commentary by Vivek Aji, University of California Riverside |View Commentary (pdf)| DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_April_2012_01

Electron-electron Interactions in Bilayer Graphene

1. Broken Symmetry States and Divergent Resistance in Suspended Bilayer Graphene Authors: Benjamin E. Feldman, Jens Martin, and, Amir Yacoby arXiv:0909.2883, Nature Physics 5, 889 (2009) 2. Local Compressibility Measurements of Correlated States in Suspended Bilayer Graphene Authors: Jens Martin, Benjamin E. Feldman, R. Thomas Weitz, Monica T. Allen, and Amir Yacoby arXiv:1009.2069, Phys. Rev. […]

Correspondents prior to last two years

Elihu Abrahams, Rutgers University | View Contributions | Vivek Aji, University of California, Riverside |  View Contributions | Jason Alicea, California Institute of Technology | View Contributions | Philip Anderson, Princeton University, Princeton | View Contributions | Arezoo M. Ardekani, University of Notre Dame | View Contributions | Aparna Baskaran, Brandeis University | View Contributions | Robert […]

The Blue Fog State of Magnetization: Helical Spin Crystal in MnSi

Authors: B. Binz, A. Vishwanath and Vivek Aji Recommended and Commentary by Chandra Varma, University of California, Riverside. | View Commentary (pdf) | (JCCM_Apr06_02)

Anomalous Excitation Spectra of Frustrated Quantum Antiferromagnets

Authors: Weihong Zheng, John O. Fjaerestad, Rajiv R. P. Singh, Ross H. McKenzie, Radu Coldea Recommended and a Commentary by Matthew Fisher, UCSB.  | View Commentary (pdf) | (JCCM_Mar06_01)