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A Big Quantum Computer

Quantum supremacy using a programmable superconducting processor Authors: Frank Arute, Kunal Arya, … (73 more authors) … Hartmut Neven, and John Martinis Nature 574, 505–510 (2019) Recommended with a commentary by David DiVincenzo, Forschungszentrum Jülich |View Commentary (pdf)| DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_October_2019_02

Towards Quantum Simulations

1. Elucidating Reaction Mechanisms on Quantum Computers. Authors: Markus Reiher, Nathan Wiebe, Krysta M. Svore, Dave Wecker, and Matthias Troyer. arXiv:1605.03590 2. Nitrogenase: A Draft Mechanism. Authors: Brian M. Hoffman, Dmitriy Lukoyanov, Dennis R. Dean, and Lance C. Seefeld. Acc. Chem. Res. 2013 Feb 19; 46(2): 587595. Recommended with a commentary by David DiVincenzo, RWTH […]

Quantum Surface Acoustics

1.Propagating phonons coupled to an artificial atom. Authors:Martin V. Gustafsson, Thomas Aref, Anton Frisk Kockum, Maria K. Ekström, Göran Johansson, and Per Delsing. Science 346,207(2014) 2.Surface acoustic wave devices on bulk ZnO crystals at low temperature. Authors:E. B. Magnusson, B. H. Williams, R. Manenti, M.-S. Nam, A. Nersisyan, M. J. Peterer, A. Ardavan, and P. […]

A metrological era for quantum computing

Logic gates at the surface code threshold: Superconducting qubits poised for fault-tolerant quantum computing. Authors: R. Barends, J. Kelly, A. Megrant, A. Veitia, D. Sank, E. Jeffrey, T. C. White, J. Mutus, A. G. Fowler, B. Campbell, Y. Chen, Z. Chen, B. Chiaro, A. Dunsworth, C. Neill, P. OMalley, P. Roushan, A. Vainsencher, J. Wenner, […]

Quantum Technology with Diamond NV Centers

1. Heralded Entanglement Between Solid-State Quits Separated by Three Metres Authors: H. Bernien, B. Hensen, W. Pfaff, G. Koolstra, M. S. Blok, L. Robledo, T. H. Taminiau, M. Markham, D. L. Twitchen, L. Childress, and R. Hanson Nature 497, 86-90 (2013) Recommended with a Commentary by David DiVincenzo, RWTH Aachen |View Commentary (PDF)| DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_June_2013_02 […]

RVB, spin liquids, and topological order

1. Resonating Valence Bond States in the PEPS Formalism. Authors: Norbert Schuch, Didier Poilblanc, J. Ignacio Cirac, and David Perez-Garcia. Phys. Rev. B 86, 115108 (2012). Recommeded and a Commentary by David DiVincenzo, RWTH Aachen | View Commentary (pdf) | DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_November_2012_02

New Features of 3D Topological Order

1. Local stabilizer codes in three dimensions without string logical operators Author: Jeongwan Haah Phys. Rev. A 83, 042330 (2011) 2. On the energy landscape of 3D spin Hamiltonians with topological order Authors: Sergey Bravyi and Jeongwan Haah arXiv:1105:4159 Recommended with a commentary by David DiVincenzo, RWTH, Aachen and Forschungszentrum, Juelich, Germany |View Commentary (PDF)| […]


1. Preparation and Measurement of Three-Qubit Entanglement in a Superconducting Circuit. Authors: L. DiCarlo, M. D. Reed, L. Sun, B. R. Johnson, J. M. Chow, J. M. Gambetta, L. Frunzio, S. M. Girvin, M. H. Devoret, R. J. Schoelkopf arXiv:1004.4324 2. Generation of Three-Qubit Entangled States using Superconducting Phase Qubits. Authors:  M. Neeley, R. C. Bialczak, M. Lenander, […]

Correspondents prior to last two years

Elihu Abrahams, Rutgers University | View Contributions | Vivek Aji, University of California, Riverside |  View Contributions | Jason Alicea, California Institute of Technology | View Contributions | David Andelman, Tel Aviv University | View Contributions | Philip Anderson, Princeton University, Princeton | View Contributions | Arezoo M. Ardekani, University of Notre Dame | View Contributions | […]