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No Go Theorems in Interacting Fermions

1. Pomeranchuk instability and response beyond the quasiparticle regime. Authors: Egor I. Kiselev, Mathias S. Scheurer, Peter Wölfle, and Jörg Schmalian. arXiv:1611.01442 2.Conservation and persistence of spin currents and their relation to the Lieb-Schulz-Mattis twist operators. Authors: N. Bray-Ali and Z. Nussinov. Phys. Rev. B 80, 012401 (2009) Recommended with a commentary by Chandra Varma, […]

Phase diagrams of cuprate superconductors

1. Perspective on the phase diagram of cuprate high-temperature superconductors. Authors: D. Rybicki, M. Jurkutat, S. Reichardt, C. Kapusta, and J. Haase. arXiv:1511.02408; Nature Communications 7, Article number: 11413 (2016) 2. Bulk superconductivity at 84 K in the strongly overdoped regime of cuprates. Authors: A. Gauzzi, Y. Klein, M. Nisula, M. Karppinen, P. K. Biswas, […]

Getting a grip on quantum criticality in metals

1.Ising nematic quantum critical point in a metal: a Monte Carlo study. Authors:Yoni Schattner, Samuel Lederer, Steven A. Kivelson, Erez Berg. arXiv:1511.03282 2.The nature of effective interaction in cuprate superconductors: a sign-problem-free quantum Monte-Carlo study. Authors: Zi-Xiang Li, Fa Wang, Hong Yao, Dung-Hai Lee. arXiv:1512.04541 3.Competing Orders in a Nearly Antiferromagnetic Metal. Authors: Yoni Schattner, […]

On Non-Fermi liquid phases due to Goldstone boson exchange

Criterion for stability of Goldstone Modes and Fermi Liquid behavior in a metal with broken symmetry Authors: Haruki Watanabe and Ashvin Vishwanath arXiv: 1404.3728 Recommended with a commentary by Jörg Schmalian,Karlsruhe Institute of Technology |View Commentary| JCCM_SEPTEMBER_2014_03

Settling the Chicken and Egg question in iron based superconductors

1. Divergent nematic susceptibility in an iron arsenide superconductor. Authors: J.H. Chu, H.-H. Kuo, J. G. Analytis, I. R. Fisher Science 337, 710 (2012), arXiv:1203.3239 2. Measurement of the elastoresistivity coefficients of the underdoped iron-arsenide Ba(Fe0.975Co0.025)2As2. Authors: H.-H. Kuo, M. C. Shapiro, S. C. Riggs, I. R. Fisher Phys. Rev. B 88, 085113 (2013), arXiv:1306.4377 […]

Is there liquid-vapor opalescence at the Mott transition?

Scaling theory of the Mott transition and breakdown of Gruneisen scaling near a finite-temperature critical end point Authors: L. Bartosch,  M. de Souza,  M. Lang arXiv:1004.4898; Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 245701 (2010) Recommended with a commentary by Jorg Schmalian, Ames Laboratory and Iowa State University | View Commentary (pdf) | JCCM_JUNE2010_03

“Perfect” fluids in nuclear, atomic and condensed matter physics:

1) Shear viscosity of strongly coupled N=4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills plasma Authors: G. Policastro, D. T. Son and A. O. Starinets Phys. Rev. Lett. 87 (2001), arXiv:hep-th/0104066 2) Viscosity in strongly interacting quantum field theories from black hole physics Authors: P. Kovtun, D.T. Son, A. O. Starinets, Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 111601 (2005), arXiv:hep-th/0405231. 3) Theory […]

Organizers, Advisory Committee, and Correspondents in the last two years

Organizers: Alexander Grosberg New York University Chandra M. Varma (Chief organizer) University of California, Riverside Advisory Committee: Zachary Fisk, University of California, Irvine Paul Ginsparg, Cornell University Robert Laughlin, Stanford University David Pines, University of California, Davis and ICAM, Chairperson Correspondents in the last two years: Anton Akhmerov, Delft University of Technology | View Contributions […]

1. Evidence for Charge Kondo Effect in Superconducting Ti-doped PbTe / 2. Superconductivity in Charge Kondo Systems

1. Evidence for Charge Kondo Effect in Superconducting Ti-doped PbTe Authors: Y. Matsushita, H. Blum, T. H. Geballe, and I. R. Fisher Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 157002 (2005) 2. Superconductivity in Charge Kondo Systems Authors: Maxim Dzero and Jörg Schmalian Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 157003 (2005) Recommended and a Commentary by Elihu Abrahams, […]