Tantalates Transcend Titanates

1. Two-dimensional superconductivity and anisotropic transport at KTaO3 (111) interfaces
Authors: Changjiang Liu, Xi Yan, Dafei Jin, Yang Ma, Haw-Wen Hsiao, Yulin Lin, Terence M. Bretz-Sullivan, Xianjing Zhou, John Pearson, Brandon Fisher, J. Samuel Jiang, Wei Han, Jian-Min Zuo, Jianguo Wen, Dillon D. Fong, Jirong Sun, Hua Zhou, and Anand Bhattacharya
Science 371, 716 (2021); DOI: 10.1126/science.aba5511

2. Two-Dimensional Superconductivity at the LaAlO3/KTaO3(110) Heterointerface
Authors: Zheng Chen, Zhongran Liu, Yanqiu Sun, Xiaoxin Chen, Yuan Liu, Hui Zhang, Hekang Li, Meng Zhang, Siyuan Hong, Tianshuang Ren, Chao Zhang, He Tian, Yi Zhou, Jirong Sun, and Yanwu Xie
Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 026802 (2021); DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.126.026802

3. Superconductor-Metal Quantum Transition at the EuO/KTaO3 Interface
Authors: Yang Ma, Jiasen Niu, Wenyu Xing, Yunyan Yao, Ranran Cai, Jirong Sun, X. C. Xie, Xi Lin, and Wei Han
Chin. Phys. Lett. 37, 117401 (2020); DOI: 10.1088/0256-307X/37/11/117401

Recommended with a commentary by Dirk van der Marel, University of Geneva
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DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_May_2021_01

All the questions about biophysics

Harness the hubris: useful things physicists could do in biology
Authors: V. Adrian Parsegian and Commentary by Robert H. Austin
Physics Today 50, 7, 23 (1997); DOI: 10.1063/1.881805
Full-text is also available at ResearchGate

Recommended with a commentary by Ramin Golestanian, Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization (Göttingen) and University of Oxford
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DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_May_2021_02

Proposals to Realize Topological Superconductivity in Cuprates by Twisting and Stacking

1. High-temperature topological superconductivity in twisted double layer copper oxides
Authors: Oguzhan Can, Tarun Tummuru, Ryan P. Day, Ilya Elfimov, Andrea Damascelli, and Marcel Franz
Nature Physics 17, 519-524 (2021); DOI: 10.1038/s41567-020-01142-7

2. Magic angles and current-induced topology in twisted nodal superconductors
Authors: Pavel A. Volkov, Justin H. Wilson, and J. H. Pixley

Recommended with a commentary by Ashvin Vishwanath, Harvard University
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DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_May_2021_03

A pathway to parafermions

Induced superconductivity in the fractional quantum Hall edge
Authors: Önder Gül, Yuval Ronen, Si Young Lee, Hassan Shapourian, Jonathan Zauberman, Young Hee Lee, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Ashvin Vishwanath, Amir Yacoby, and Philip Kim

Recommended with a commentary by Jason Alicea, California Institute of Technology
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DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_April_2021_01

One-way supercurrent controlled by magnetic field

Observation of superconducting diode effect
Authors: Fuyuki Ando, Yuta Miyasaka, Tian Li, Jun Ishizuka, Tomonori Arakawa, Yoichi Shiota, Takahiro Moriyama, Youichi Yanase, and Teruo Ono
Nature, 584, 373 (2020); DOI: 10.1038/s41586-020-2590-4

Recommended with a commentary by Liang Fu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_April_2021_02

What happens if a drunkard is asked to walk a full circle around a lake in a short time?

Brownian flights over a circle
Authors: Alexander Vladimirov, Senya Shlosman, and Sergei Nechaev
Phys. Rev. E 102, 012124 (2020); DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.102.012124

Recommended with a commentary by Alexander Y. Grosberg, New York University
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DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_April_2021_03

Determining dynamics from statics in living tissue

Anisotropy links cell shapes to tissue flow during convergent extension
Authors: X. Wang, M. Merkel, L. B. Sutter, G. Erdemci-Tandogan, M. L. Manning, and K. E. Kasza
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 117, 13541-13551 (2020); DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1916418117

Recommended with a commentary by John D. Treado (Yale University), Dong Wang (Yale University), Yuxuan Cheng (Yale University), Mark D. Shattuck (City College of New York), Corey S. O’Hern (Yale University)
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DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_March_2021_01

Taking the measure of quantum dynamics

1. Quantum Zeno effect and the many-body entanglement transition
Authors: Y. Li, X. Chen, and M.P. A. Fisher
Phys. Rev. B 98, 205136 (2018); DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.98.205136

2. Measurement-Induced Phase Transitions in the Dynamics of Entanglement
Authors: B. Skinner, J. Ruhman, and A. Nahum
Phys. Rev. X 9, 031009 (2019); DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevX.9.031009

3. Unitary-projective entanglement dynamics
Authors: A. Chan, R.M. Nandkishore, M. Pretko, and G. Smith
Phys. Rev. B 99, 224307 (2019); DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.99.224307

4. Quantum Error Correction in Scrambling Dynamics and Measurement-Induced Phase Transition
Authors: S. Choi, Y. Bao, X.-L. Qi, and E. Altman
Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 030505 (2020); DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.125.030505

5. Dynamical Purification Phase Transition Induced by Quantum Measurements
Authors: M.J. Gullans and D.A. Huse
Phys. Rev. X 10, 041020 (2020); DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevX.10.041020

6. Measurement-induced criticality in random quantum circuits
Authors: C.-M. Jian, Y.-Z. You, R. Vasseur, and A.W.W. Ludwig
Phys. Rev. B 101, 104302 (2020); DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.101.104302

Recommended with a commentary by S. A. Parameswaran, University of Oxford
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DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_March_2021_02

Plasticity is a topological business

The Topological Origin of the Peierls-Nabarro Barrier
Authors: Brook J. Hocking, Helen S. Ansell, Randall D. Kamien, and Thomas Machon
arXiv:2103.0205 (2021)

Recommended with a commentary by Brian Skinner, Ohio State University
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DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_March_2021_03

Superconductivity in the 2D Hubbard model: yes, no, or maybe?

Absence of superconductivity in the pure two-dimensional Hubbard Model
Authors: Mingpu Qin, Chia-Min Chung, Hao Shi, Ettore Vitali, Claudius Hubig, Ulrich Schollwöck, Steven R. White, and Shiwei Zhang (Simons Collaboration on the Many-Electron Problem)
Phys. Rev. X 10, 031016 (2020); DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevX.10.031016

Recommended with a commentary by Andrey V Chubukov, University of Minnesota
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DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_February_2021_01

How universal is Hydrodynamics?

Non-Hydrodynamic Initial Conditions are Not Soon Forgotten
Authors: T. R. Kirkpatrick, D. Belitz, and J. R. Dorfman

Recommended with a commentary by Jörg Schmalian, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
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DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_February_2021_02

Finding the condition of Turing instabilities

Turing’s diffusive threshold in random reaction-diffusion systems
Authors: Pierre A. Haas and Raymond E. Goldstein
bioRxiv:2020.11.09.374934v1; DOI: 10.1101/2020.11.09.374934

Recommended with a commentary by Changbong Hyeon, Korea Institute for Advanced Study
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DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_January_2021_01

Stronger-correlated superconductivity in magic-angle twisted trilayer graphene

1. Magic Angle Hierarchy in Twisted Graphene Multilayers
Authors: E. Khalaf, A. J. Kruchkov, G. Tarnopolsky, and A. Vishwanath
Phys. Rev. B 100, 085109 (2019); DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.100.085109

2. Tunable Phase Boundaries and Ultra-Strong Coupling Superconductivity in Mirror Symmetric Magic-Angle Trilayer Graphene
Authors: JM Park, Y. Cao, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, and P. Jarillo-Herrero

3. Electric field tunable unconventional superconductivity in alternating twist magic-angle trilayer graphene
Authors: Z. Hao, A. M. Zimmerman, P. Ledwith, E. Khalaf, D. H. Najafabadi, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, A. Vishwanath, and P. Kim

Recommended with a commentary by Michael Zaletel, University of California, Berkeley
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DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_January_2021_02

Periodic driving leaves deeper quantum scars

Controlling many-body dynamics with driven quantum scars in Rydberg atom arrays
Authors: Dolev Bluvstein Dolev Bluvstein, Ahmed Omran, Harry Levine, Alexander Keesling, Giulia Semeghini, Sepehr Ebadi, Tout T. Wang, Alexios A. Michailidis, Nishad Maskara, Wen Wei Ho, Soonwon Choi, Maksym Serbyn, Markus Greiner, Vladan Vuletic, and Mikhail D. Lukin

Recommended with a commentary by Ehud Altman, UC Berkeley
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DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_December_2020_01

Wigner crystals in transition metal dichalcogenides

1. Signatures of bilayer Wigner crystals in a transition metal dichalcogenide heterostructure
Authors: You Zhou, Jiho Sung, Elise Brutschea, Ilya Esterlis, Yao Wang, Giovanni Scuri, Ryan J. Gelly, Hoseok Heo, Takashi Taniguchi, Kenji Watanabe, Gergely Zaránd, Mikhail D. Lukin, Philip Kim, Eugene Demler, and Hongkun Park

2. Observation of Wigner crystal of electrons in a monolayer semiconductor
Authors: T. Smoleński, P. E. Dolgirev, C. Kuhlenkamp, A. Popert, Y. Shimazaki, P. Back, M. Kroner, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, I. Esterlis, E. Demler, and A. Imamoğlu

Recommended with a commentary by Thierry Giamarchi, University of Geneva
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DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_December_2020_02

Counting constraints in tissue mechanics

1. Multicellular Rosettes Drive Fluid-solid Transition in Epithelial Tissues
Authors: Le Yan and Dapeng Bi
Phys. Rev. X 9, 011029 (2019); DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevX.9.011029

2. Bayesian inference of force dynamics during morphogenesis
Authors: Shuji Ishihara and Kaoru Sugimura
Journal of Theoretical Biology 313 (2012) 201–211; DOI: 10.1016/j.jtbi.2012.08.017

Recommended with a commentary by Silke Henkes, University of Bristol
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DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_December_2020_03

Pomeranchuk effect in twisted bilayer graphene

1. Isospin Pomeranchuk effect and the entropy of collective excitations in twisted bilayer graphene
Authors: Yu Saito, Fangyuan Yang, Xiaoxue Liu, Jingyuan Ge, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, J. I. A. Li, Erez Berg, and Andrea F. Young

2. Entropic evidence for a Pomeranchuk effect in magic angle graphene
Authors: Asaf Rozen, Jeong Min Park, Uri Zondiner, Yuan Cao, Daniel Rodan-Legrain, Takashi Taniguchi, Kenji Watanabe, Yuval Oreg, Ady Stern, Erez Berg, Pablo Jarillo-Herrero, and Shahal Ilani

Recommended with a commentary by Francisco Guinea, Imdea Nanoscience, and Donostia International Physics Center
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This commentary may be cited as:
DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_November_2020_01

A Newly found Bose-Einstein Condensate of G-wave molecules

Atomic Bose-Einstein condensate to molecular Bose-Einstein condensate transition
Authors: Zhendong Zhang, Liangchao Chen, Kaixuan Yao, and Cheng Chin

Recommended with a commentary by Tin-Lun Ho, The Ohio State University
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This commentary may be cited as:
DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_November_2020_02

The pressure in ionic solutions

Osmotic pressure between arbitrarily charged planar surfaces: A revisited approach
Authors: Ram M. Adar and David Andelman
Eur. Phys. J. E. (2018) 41: 11; DOI 10.1140/epje/i2018-11620-1

Recommended with a commentary by Didier R. Long, Laboratoire Polymères et Matériaux Avancés, UMR 5268 Solvay/CNRS
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This commentary may be cited as:
DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_November_2020_03

A New Approach to the Classical-Quantum Correspondence

Quantum eigenstates from classical Gibbs distributions
Authors: Pieter W. Claeys and Anatoli Polkovnikov

Recommended with a commentary by Daniel Arovas, University of California, San Diego
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This commentary may be cited as:
DOI: 10.36471/JCCM_October_2020_01