Angels & Demons: Majorana & Dirac fermions in a quantum Hall edge channel

1. A mechanism of e2/2h conductance plateau without 1D chiral Majorana fermions
Authors: Wenjie Ji and Xiao-Gang Wen

2. Disorder-induced half-integer quantized conductance plateau in quantum anomalous Hall insulator–superconductor structures
Authors: Yingyi Huang, F. Setiawan, and Jay D. Sau

Recommended with a commentary by Carlo Beenakker, Instituut-Lorentz, Leiden University.
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The Time for Disorder Has Come

Random Matrices and Complexity of Spin Glasses
Authors: Antonio Auffinger, Gérard Ben Arous, Jiří Černý
Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics 66, 165-201 (2013)

Recommended with a commentary by Patrick Charbonneau, Duke University.
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A jump in our understanding of quantum criticality in metals

Exact critical exponents for the antiferromagnetic quantum critical metal in two dimensions
Authors: Andres Schlief, Peter Lunts, and Sung-Sik Lee
Phys. Rev. X 7, 021010 (2017)

Recommended with a commentary by Andrey V Chubukov, University of Minnesota.
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Closing the Gap in Band Theory

Filling-Enforced Gaplessness in Band Structures of the 230 Space Groups
Authors: Haruki Watanabe, Hoi Chun Po, Michael P. Zaletel, and Ashvin Vishwanath
Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 096404 (2016)

Recommended with a commentary by Liang Fu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
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Anomalous assembly of ill-fitting elements

1. Geometric frustration and compatibility conditions for two dimensional director fields
Authors: Idan Niv and Efi Efrati

2. Geometrical frustration yields fibre formation in self-assembly
Authors: Martin Lenz and Thomas A. Witten
Nature Physics (2017) doi:10.1038/nphys4184

Recommended with a commentary by Gregory M. Grason, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
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Iron-based Superconductivity: Towards Optimizing Tc through Orbital Selectivity

1. Discovery of orbital-selective Cooper pairing in FeSe
Authors: P. O. Sprau, A. Kostin, A. Kreisel, A. E. Böhmer, V. Taufour, P. C. Canfield, S. Mukherjee, P. J. Hirschfeld, B. M. Andersen, J. C. Séamus Davis
Science 357, 75 (2017)

2. Formation of Hubbard-like bands as a fingerprint of strong electron-electron interactions in FeSe
Authors: M. D. Watson, S. Backes, A. A. Haghighirad, M. Hoesch, T. K. Kim, A. I. Coldea, and R. Valenti
Phys. Rev. B 95, 081106(R) (2017)

3. Direct observation of dispersive lower Hubbard band in iron-based superconductor FeSe
Authors: D. V. Evtushinsky, M. Aichhorn, Y. Sassa, Z.-H. Liu, J. Maletz, T. Wolf, A. N. Yaresko, S. Biermann, S. V. Borisenko, and B. Büchner

Recommended with a commentary by Qimiao Si, Rice University.
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Mobilizing Majorana fermions

Chiral Majorana fermion modes in a quantum anomalous Hall insulator-superconductor structure
Authors: Qing Lin He, Lei Pan, Alexander L. Stern, Edward C. Burks, Xiaoyu Che, Gen Yin, Jing Wang, Biao Lian, Quan Zhou, Eun Sang Choi, Koichi Murata, Xufeng Kou, Zhijie Chen, Tianxiao Nie, Qiming Shao, Yabin Fan, Shou-Cheng Zhang, Kai Liu, Jing Xia, and Kang L. Wang
Science 357, 294-299 (2017); arXiv:1606.05712

Recommended with a commentary by Jason Alicea, Caltech.
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A frictional transition is not fictional

Revealing the frictional transition in shear thickening suspensions
Authors: Cécile Cavaud, Antoine Bérut, Bloen Metzger, and Yoël Forterre
PNAS 114, 5147 (2017)

Recommended with a commentary by Bulbul Chakraborty, Brandeis University.
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Classic rock revival

1. High pressure floating-zone growth of perovskite nickelate LaNiO3 single crystals
Authors: Junjie Zhang, Hong Zheng, Yang Ren and J. F. Mitchell

2. LaNiO3 – a highly metallic and antiferromagnetic strongly correlated transition metal oxide
Authors: Z. W. Li, H. Guo, Z. Hu, L. Zhao, C.-Y. Kuo, W. Schmidt, A. Piovano, T. W. Pi, D. I. Khomskii, L. H. Tjeng and A. C. Komarek

Recommended with a commentary by Leon Balents, Kavli Institute of Theoretical Physics, UCSB.
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New bound on the precision of the fractional charge in a fractional quantum Hall fluid

Direct Comparison of Fractional and Integer Quantized Hall Resistance
Authors: Franz J. Ahlers, Martin Götz, and Klaus Pierz

Recommended with a commentary by Steven A. Kivelson, Stanford University.
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How cells overcome their topological troubles

Compaction and segregation of sister chromatids via active loop extrusion
Authors: Anton Goloborodko, Maxim V. Imakaev, John F. Marko, Leonid Mirny
eLife 5, e14864 (2016)

Recommended with a commentary by Helmut Schiessel, Leiden University.
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Machine learning versus human understanding

1. Self-Learning Monte Carlo Method: Continuous-Time Algorithm
Authors: Yuki Nagai, Huitao Shen, Yang Qi, Junwei Liu, and Liang Fu

2. Can Boltzmann Machines Discover Cluster Updates?
Authors: Lei Wang

Recommended with a commentary by Anton Akhmerov, Kavli Institute of Nanoscience, Delft.
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Robust even denominator Fractional Quantum Hall State

1. Robust fractional quantum Hall states and continuous quantum phase transitions in a half-filled bilayer graphene Landau level
Authors: Alexander A. Zibrov, Carlos. R. Kometter, Haoxin Zhou, Eric M. Spanton,
Takashi Taniguchi, Kenji Watanabe, Michael P. Zaletel, and Andrea F. Young

2. Even denominator fractional quantum Hall state in bilayer graphene
Authors: J. I. A. Li, C. Tan, S. Chen, Y. Zeng, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, J. Hone, and C.R.

Recommended with a commentary by Patrick Lee, MIT.
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Using the fluid to guide microswimmers

Squirmers in nematic liquid crystals: Guiding microswimmers by an
anisotropic medium

Authors: Juho S. Lintuvuori, Alois Würger, and Kevin Stratford

Recommended with a commentary by Thomas R. Powers, Brown University.
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From traffic jams on RNA to the quantum mechanics of spin chains

1. Kinetics of biopolymerization on nucleic acid templates
Authors: C. T. MacDonald, J. H. Gibbs and A. C. Pipkin
Biopolymers, 6(1), pp.1-25 (1968)

2. Bethe solution for the dynamical-scaling exponent of the noisy Burgers equation
Authors: Leh-Hun Gwa and Herbert Spohn
Phys. Rev. A 46, 844 (1992)

3. Exactly Solvable Models for Many-Body Systems Far from Equilibrium
Authors: G.M. Schütz and K.J. Wiese
Vol.19, Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena, edited by Domb and Green (2001)

Recommended with a commentary by Robijn Bruinsma, University of California, Los Angeles.
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Spinning Spins

1. Barnett effect in paramagnetic states
Authors: Masao Ono, Hiroyuki Chudo, Kazuya Harii, Satoru Okayasu, Mamoru Matsuo, Jun’ichi Ieda, Ryo Takahashi, Sadamichi Maekawa, and Eiji Saitoh
Phys. Rev. B 92, 174424 (2015)

2. Observation of Barnett fields in solids by nuclear magnetic resonance
Authors: Hiroyuki Chudo, Masao Ono, Kazuya Harii, Mamoru Matsuo, Jun’ichi Ieda, Rie Haruki, Satoru Okayasu, Sadamichi Maekawa, Hiroshi Yasuoka1 and Eiji Saitoh
Applied Physics Express 7, 063004 (2014)

3. Rotational Doppler Effect and Barnett Field in Spinning NMR
Authors: Hiroyuki Chudo, Kazuya Harii, Mamoru Matsuo, Jun’ichi Ieda, Masao Ono, Sadamichi Maekawa, and Eiji Saitoh
J. Phys. Soc. Japan 84, 043601 (2015)

4. Spin hydrodynamic generation
Authors: R. Takahashi, M. Matsuo, M. Ono, K. Harii, H. Chudo, S. Okayasu, J. Ieda, S. Takahashi, S. Maekawa, and E. Saitoh
Nature Physics 12, 52 (2016)

Recommended with a commentary by S. M. Girvin, Yale University.
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Time crystals without localization?

Observation of discrete time-crystalline order in a disordered dipolar many-body system
Authors: Soonwon Choi, Joonhee Choi, Renate Landig, Georg Kucsko, Hengyun Zhou, Junichi Isoya, Fedor Jelezko, Shinobu Onoda, Hitoshi Sumiya, Vedika Khemani, Curt von Keyserlingk, Norman Y. Yao, Eugene Demler, and Mikhail D. Lukin
Nature 543, 221225 (2017), arXiv:1610.08057

Recommended with a commentary by Rahul Nandkishore, University of Colorado at Boulder.
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Optically driven superconductivity

Theory of enhanced interlayer tunneling in optically driven high-Tc superconductors.
Authors: J. Okamoto, A. Cavalleri, and L. Mathey.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 227001 (2016), arXiv:1606.09276

Recommended with a commentary by Atsushi Fujimori, University of Tokyo.
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Quizzing active matter: one’s ability to solve a maze depends on one’s behaviour

Active Brownian particles and run-and-tumble particles separate inside a maze.
Authors: M. Khatami, K. Wolff, O. Pohl, M.R. Ejtehadi, and H. Stark.
Scientific Reports 6, Article No: 37670 (2016) [doi:10.1038/srep37670], arXiv:1611.00191

Recommended with a commentary by Ramin Golestanian, Oxford University.
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Majorana fermions and half-quantum vortices in superfluid 3-He

Observation of Half-Quantum Vortices in Topological Superfluid 3-He.
Authors: S. Autti, V. V. Dmitriev, J. T. Maskinen, A. A. Soldatov, G. E. Volovik, A. N. Yudin, V. V. Zavjalov and V. B. Eltsov.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 255301 (2016), arXiv:1508.02197

Recommended with a commentary by Tony Leggett, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
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